Sunday, January 23, 2011


Don't you love to go to the mailbox and find something you've been anxiously waiting for?

Look closely at the attention to every detail. CAROLE at MAYNARD GREENHOUSE blew me away with the presentation and artistry that she applied to my copy of JEANNE d' ARC LIVING magazine purchased from her. Merci Carole!

And then there are these...

IKEA had a HUGE bin of paper napkins in these gorgeous blue and white patterns. Do they scream summer picnic or what?

And just wondering if any of you have been to POTTERY BARN lately? I'm lucky enough to live near one and popped in over the weekend. GORGEOUS! Lots of pretty blues and greens added to their already stunning palette.

I found these on a sale rack, 20% off! Beautiful french plates in four different clock face patterns! Perfect for a salad or an afternoon snack.

Even the box is cute!

Still finishing up their odds and ends of Christmas as well. I snagged these fabulous frenchy ornaments for a little over two dollars each!

As I was checking out I noticed these cute little complimentary paint chip booklets of all their gorgeous spring and summer paint colors by Benjamin Moore. There is a color called Sparrow that has a definite future here at the house of SWEET PEA!

Tomorrow I'll be shooting some sneak peeks of my Marburger Farms goods!



Vicki said...

I just love those plates. How did I miss those when I was there last weekend?!

trash talk said...

The nearest P.B. to me is way cross Dallas...but I may just have to hazard the journey to see if they have those plates! Love 'em!
BTW...I tried to leave a comment on your previous post. Happy birthday to your baby. We were clever to have 'em young so we'd still have the energy to enjoy the grands!

trash talk said...

P.S. Carole's presentation is as lovely as the mag.

The Flying Bee said...

I love those plates! I haven't been by PB in a while. I think I need to pay them a visit!

Enjoy your's one of my faves. I love how Carole added those extra special pretty!

Can't wait to see the Marburger sneak peeks!


Polly said...

Oh Shelley, those plates are awesome!! And they were on sale, eh? Very nice bonus!!

Enjoy perusing your Jeanne magazine....that "book" keeps me busy for hours on end!!

Hugs ~


Michelle May said...

I have always wanted to see one of those magazines. Just might have to get one!
I see you suffer from PSA too...paint swatch addiction! Glad I'm not alone.
xx, shell

LindaSonia said...

What treasures!! I am in lovelovelove with those clock face plates. Sooo unique!

Karen said...

Love those ornaments I've been going back and forth about ordering that magazine...I'm going to do it!!thanks for the nudge.

Jackie said...

Love the way the mag was packaged! Beautiful photos, not quite ready for summer yet though. Summers here in Fl are toooooo hot!

Diane said...

Oh...the plates...! They're my favorites that you found! Classics!
Hung on the wall or used for food!
XO Diane

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day of inspiration and goodies
So excited to see your preview of goods for Marbuger

A Cottage Muse said...

Those plates are Wonderful!

I am stalk...I mean waiting for the mailman to bring my JDL from Carole too! Can't wait!!

High Street Cottage said...

Shelly, I miss living near IKEA, but it's funny this month I've been hosting a meeting every Sunday morning and have served coffee and some sort of mini pastry. I put out napkins, just adorable paper ones, in red and white and my friend asked me if it was ok to use them lol
I said yes, they're quite fancy from the dollar store, and everyone laughed. If you keep your eyes open you find the best things. Love your finds. The Pottery Barn plates look awesome, perfect for your home. ;) xoxo tami

Cathy said...

I am in love with those cute plates and the Christmas ornaments! I might just have to venture out and try to find some at our local store!
Cathy aka GGJ

Erin@likegrandmas said...

That is terrific,hope your upcoming week is just as good!

Theresa said...

Love the plates! I bought the little Christmas ornies too a couple of weeks ago, they are so sweet. We are on the same page all over the place, I too got my JDL from Carole, and felt the same way... she is awesome and the book is amazing! I love every page. Happy Sunday! theresa xoxo

Carole said...

C'est rien....le plaisir est tout à moi. I had fun making that little tag for you. So sweet of you to mention it here.
Now that I've seen those clock plates I need to go see if Pottery Barn is still at the outlet mall near us. They are too wonderful to pass up.

Enjoy the magazine!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Shelley, can you believe I bought those same dishes for Lynn for Christmas? Well, I guess you can..hehe. Carole sends her magazine's out that way...each and every time...personalized and with the most gorgeous ribbons...
She is always so thoughtful and wonderfully creative!

Dee said...

I love your clock plates, they are amazing. I would love to do a table setting with them *sighs*

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