Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Make Me Smile

Wow! My friend Theresa at Garden Antiques has nominated me for a You Make Me Smile Award! This is especially fabulous coming from her because I love her blog and all the awesome pictures she shares with all of us! You must save her in your favorites and check back often to see what she's been up to. She never disappoints! Now I must nominate ten wonderful women whose blogs make me smile. So here they are:
1. Garden Antiques~Of Course! She Rocks!
2. Past Present Collection~Awesome Style!
3. Curious Sofa~If you are familiar with her, then I needn't say more!
4. Prairie Home~Another awesome stylish star!
5. The Feathered Nest~Dawn is truly the sweetest person ever, and great style!
6. Dove Grey Studio~Truly an artist! Love it!
7. Coeur En Provence~A nod to the European influence I love!
8. The French Garden House~Wow what a flair!
9. The Cottage Gals~Wish I could visit your shop!
10. Sadie Olive~Check out her house! Wow!

Blessings to All!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well hello everyone! Haven't had anything profound to blog about lately, but I have been taking photos of my little home. Often, customers will ask if my home looks like my shop. Wellll, yes and no. So I decided the best thing to do was take some pics and keep them at the shop to show people how,and with what,I live. You will notice first off the lack of color. I LOVE white and use it everywhere. I also love oatmeal and blue and use those colors as accents. So, without further adeu, here is a sample of my little corner of the world for you to enjoy.

Blessings to all,


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