Monday, August 31, 2009

Update On Clayton

So I spoke with TOT today at about 1pm just before she went in to see Clayton. He was supposed to move out of ICU today but those plans have been shelved due to the concern over the fractured skull and intra-cranial bleeding. He is awake and off the respirator though which is fabulous news, and has already shown an interest in riding that 4-wheeler again. I am going to mail TOT a FOR SALE sign if you know what I mean. It will read:

FOR SALE~~Slightly used 4-wheeler
For info call:

I will let you all know as soon as I get more news. TOT is exhausted I'm sure, but her daughters and grandson are there with her for support. Let's all keep up the prayers and positive thoughts as they seem to be working! Thanks to all of you who have left comments and who are keeping them in your prayers.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pray For Clayton

This morning, as I opened my blog to check on new posts I received horrible news that my friend Theresa of Time Worn Interiors son has been seriously injured in a 4-wheeler accident. She is flying to Texas to be with him today and I know right now she must be in a million pieces. I have experienced having a child injured in another state and felt the helpless desperation to be with him but had to deal with getting there first. Please pray for Clayton to recover and for God to wrap his arms around TOT and her family and give them strength.

Father God,
I am praying for the recovery of Clayton and for my friend Theresa to feel my love and strength around her at this impossibly difficult time. Give her the ability to put this in your hands and to know that you are with her at all times. I pray this in Jesus name.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My 100th Follower!

So another milestone has been achieved at SWEET PEA. Stefanie of ROSE PETALS AND RUST blog became my 100th follower!! Thanks Stefanie! I think it only fitting to send a little sumthin' sumthin' her way to mark the moment don't you? So, dear Stefanie I'm sending a thank you package to you on Friday and I hope you'll be pleased. It's a secret what I'm sending so as not to ruin the surprise. Be sure and check out ROSE PETALS AND RUST BLOG to see what she got!

Hugs to Stefanie and all my fabulous Followers, I appreciate you more than you know!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


patina (n.) the sheen on any surface, produced by age and use.

texture (n.) a structure of inter-woven fibers or other elements.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


WHITE WEDNESDAY takes us to the land of French monogrammed linens this time. I have an addiction to these works of art and have a nice collection going (sorry not for sale--mine all mine). I am especially fond of the sheet that bears the monogram S and R, as those are the initials of Mr. Sweet Pea and I. Have you ever felt the weight and texture of an antique linen or hemp sheet? There's nothing like it ladies. And the monograms? Don't get me started...

In addition to my antique linen collection I also have an affinity for anything made from old linens, anything with a ruffle and anything made from high quality linen fabric. Hence the pillow collection featuring linen pillows from Carolyn Westbrook Home (used to carry these in my shop), a pillow made from vintage nightgowns that says Home Sweet Home, a pillow I made from an old linen corset bag, and my beloved ruffled shower curtain from none other than ANTHROPOLOGIE. Enjoy...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Sunset

Had to share this awesome sunset with you...



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prince Charming

Okay so let me set the scenario~~it's Thursday night, I'm finishing a glass of cabernet and watching the Real Housewives Of Atlanta ( yes I admit it, I totally dig all the Housewives and so does Anderson Cooper) and I must go potty. So off I go to the hall bath (thank you Jesus I turned the light on) and who greets me....


Now I have heard tales of things coming up through the commode, but til now they were just urban myths. Well ladies all I can say is TURN THE LIGHT ON!!!!! From now on at my house it's lids down...

No animals were hurt in this little production~~thank goodness Mr. Sweet Pea was home. Can you picture the chaos otherwise? Prince Charming is now outside where I hope he stays.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Follow me into the dining room for this week's WHITE WEDNESDAY. Like the rest of the "manor", this room is quite diminutive in size but it's full of character. We added beadboard and moldings and a fireplace mantle to give it some presence and then filled it full of old chippy white painted pieces.

First up is an old metal medical cabinet I bought from TOT at Marburger. I spend many an hour shooing the grandbabies away from this chippy piece.

Behind it is an old trellis and an old sign.

A 13 foot orchard ladder which we cut 5 feet off of to fit in the house. I hang old linens on it.

One of my favorite old clocks and flower frogs. The frog reminds me of a crown.

I have a pair of these old chippy columns.

A fab old beadboard cupboard. These are invaluable as my kitchen leaves a lot to be desired in the storage department.

An old zinc top table. On top is a cloche, and an old chippy iron radiator topper with a battery jar full of old mercury glass ornaments. My granddaughter thinks these are balls. There is a relocation in the future for these I am sure.

The cloche and a pitcher of tallow berries. The wooden pieces are French bingo tokens.

This chippy beauty holds my brown transferware and ironstone collection.

An old lightning rod.

This old school teacher's desk is one of my fav pieces. Behind it is a huge piece of architectural trim.

This gorgeous bench was a gift from Marsha at FRENCH NEST.

The fireplace mantle we added. Above it is a piece we made using an old mirror frame and a piece of old ceiling tin.

Love these old corbels.

An architectural piece I added old hooks to for old lace curtains.

One of my girls~~I found these awesome angel wings at an antique shop in Tennessee. They are from an old costume.

An old cloche.

Hope you enjoyed the fifty cent tour! See you next week...

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