Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Milestone

Today we celebrated another milestone in our family. Our grandson Jaxson Price Turner was one year old. Love you my little sweetie!

Jaxson at one day old.

Jaxson at one year. What a cutie!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seven Things About Me

I was tagged by Zita, who has a lovely blog that I enjoy Mlle Magpie, to share seven things about myself and then pass this along to seven interesting people that I would love to know more about. Thanks so much Zita for honoring me!

1~I will be 50 (how did that happen?) next month. Oy vay!

2~My favorite color is brown.

3~I am a terrible procrastinator but a type A personality.

4~I hate housework and do less of it all the time.

5~I have way more ideas and projects in my brain than time.

6~I am madly in love with my two grandbabies.

7~The older I get, the less afraid I am to dress weird.

Okay now for my selection of sistas and one dude to pass this along to:

1~Deb of Talking Trash.

2~Lulu of 2Chippys.

3~Sue of Bella Shabby.

4~Jermonne of Barn House.

5~Tina of Dream In Cream.

6~Lisa of La Rustique Market.

7~Margo of Margo's Junkin' Journal.

Tag, you're it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thanks Peg

I bought this fabulous old cast iron floor lamp last spring from Terri (Garden Worthy) at Marburger. Mr. Sweet Pea re-wired it and it now sits in my living room. It even came with the old tubular bulbs. Love it! But it needed a little somethin' somethin'... And so, this spring Peg (French Vanilla) had these adorable lampshades that were dripping with old seam binding wrapped around them in rumpled bows. Peg was kind enough to let me snap some pics and I decided that this treatment was exactly what my lamp needed. Here's my version... What do you think?

Friday, May 15, 2009


So you ask, where have I been? Here and there, to and fro, like sagebrush caught in the wind. Have you ever had a period of time where you just couldn't finish anything you started, couldn't get out of your own way? Well that is where I've been. Starting several new projects, finishing none. Dabbling. Driving myself crazy. I know WHAT I want to do~~so as Nike says~~why can't I "Just Do IT"! Words of enouragement appreciated here...

I'll be back...

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