Monday, February 16, 2009

What's On The Horizon

So fresh from the HOME SALE on Saturday~which was a success thanks to my fabulous little group of junkers~I wanted to give you a heads up on what we'll be doing at the Pea for the next little while. First off, next Saturday my oldest son is getting married!!!! My first time as a mother~of~the~groom! Very exciting and so much to do! We are hosting the rehearsal dinner on Friday and of course I have been shopping,shopping,shopping for a dress,shoes,etc.

So once the smoke clears on that weekend, I am happy and excited to let you all know that I will begin preparation to move into my new booth at an antique mall called Halley's in Maitland FL! It's a teeny space but I am the queen of stuffing lots into teeny spaces! I have found lately that I really miss having a shop and while that's not likely to happen again anytime soon, a booth will give me the design fix that I need on a regular basis. Please come by after March 1st to check out the booth and the rest of the shop as well! Halley's is located at 473 S. Orlando Ave. Maitland FL 32751.

Once settled in my new digs at Halleys, then the real down and dirty begins. Time to get ready for...TEXAS!!!!!! Woohoo! We'll be pulling out of here before we know it for Marburger and all my bestest friends that I see way too little! There is so much to do and I can hardly believe that it's almost here again! I hope you all can come out and see me and my pals at the show. If you've been, you know how fab it is! If not,you need to come just once and you'll be hooked forever! There's nothing like it I promise! Well, until next time stay safe and keep junkin!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

"Halley's", that's my maiden name, how funny. Please post pics so that we can see your awesome booth. Glad to see your home sale was a success and will see you before you know it!

time worn interiors said...

Girl I can't wait!!

juanita said...

I can't wait to see pics.

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