Friday, April 18, 2008

Leftover's Anyone?

Okay hold on to your hats, you are about to see pics of the most over-the-top antique shop I have EVER seen live and in person. The furniture, the accessories, the displays... All unbelievably fab! If you are ever even remotely near Brenham TX I encourage you to stop by Leftover's. Thanks guys for letting me take pics!

The night we went they were having their famous Antique Week Party. Here are the girls left to right: Luann(Patina Green), Heather(PresentPast Collection), Casi(Patina Green), Theresa Smith(Time Worn Interiors), Linda Marcov(Willow Nest), Shelly and Carol(Raised In Cotton). Down front are myself and Theresa Cano(Garden Antiques Vintage).


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Shell, I think I recognize a few people in that picture :) Loving all your Marburger posts as well. You know this will have to keep us going for the next 5 months 1 week and so many days!!

Lauri Evans said...

Hi Sweet Pea,
We had so much fun meeting you and Mr. Sweet Pea. Beware we are coming back to Texas in the fall.
Will you be at Marburger again?

Your website is gorgeous. Unlike our which some might call "Chuckie's Cuties".
xo lulu

sweetpea said...

Hi Lulu and Lauri! First off, yes we are returning to Marburger although with the price of gas we may have to walk. So glad you are coming back--it wouldn't be the same without you fun chickadoodles! I love your blog--it's really cute and funny! Thanks for commenting on mine.


A Wild Thing said...

I wanna go too, you guys are just having too much fun out there in Flealand...I wanna go too. You have great sum travel time for me too.lpxwfq

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Found you thru Lidy (of the exquisite taste :) ) and I'm happy I did.
I am enjoying the photos and narrative...makes me want to pack up and make the trip too.

Thanks for sharing!

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