Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Teresa Sandwich

I received an award from not one, but two of my favorite pals and bloggers and they both happen to be named Teresa. Kinda like a Teresa sandwich huh?

So now I will name 7 of my favorite blogs and like Teresa from Garden Antiques Vintage I would nominate all my favs if I could.

1. Garden Antiques Vintage

2. Timeworn Interiors

3. PresentPast Collection

4. Prairie Home

5. Raised In Cotton

6. Urban Farmhouse

7. Barn House


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You are TOO FUNNY!!! You'll be with both Theresa's before long.......can't wait, counting the days!! OMG you would think that's all I live for, but I just love hanging out with ya'll and since I can't see you but twice a year, you can't fault me for wishing for this time to quickly come!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Pea Shelley:)

I am honored that you thought of me for your fab blog award:) Thank You so much, you make my heart smile!

timeworninteriors said...

Thanks Shelly! See you in a few weeks! Woooo.....WHoooooo....

Barn House said...

Howdy Shelley!! Thanks SOOO much for the award! We are very honored by your kindness and support. AND, to be in such great company means the world to us. One of these days we are going to get to TX for all of these great shows we keep hearing about. :o)

J & J

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