Sunday, July 24, 2011


Veganism... No food of animal origin. No meat. No dairy. No butter.

NO CHEESE... Oh, how I miss cheese...

How did I get here? It's a strongly personal choice.

I grew up in small town Indiana. Not exactly a mecca for those who shun all things of animal origin.

I ate meat... I ate gravy. I ate whatever we had for dinner that night.

Fast forward to my early twenties. I had two children under four. I became vegetarian. Not the same thing as vegan, just no meat. I shunned all white flour, all sugar. I ran 5 miles a day religiously. I taught aerobics at Elaine Powers. Remember Elaine Powers? The days of headbands and leg warmers.

Was my family vegetarian? No. Is my family vegan now?

NO. I am married to the ultimate meatatarian. He smokes, he grills. When I make a meal for my family, I make their food and I make mine. In no way similar. Is this easy? No. Will hubs occasionally eat vegan fare? Yes. Do I force my choice on them? Heck no.

I eat a vegan diet because I have never cared much for meat and so I don't miss it. I also eat a vegan diet because it is the single thing that has made the most significant impact on my health.

I don't run 5 miles a day anymore, but I do walk 3 miles a day 5 to 6 times a week. I am 52 and at 126 pounds I weigh less than I have in a long long time. I was at 143 a couple of years ago and at 5'3" I was looking a little chubby. I felt bloated and miserable. Once I cleaned up my way of eating I saw an unbelievable change in how I felt.

Don't get me wrong. Eating vegan is work. I read every label of every food I consider eating. You would be shocked at the things they put in food these days. Do I feel deprived? In no way.

Will I ever go back? No. I feel good about this decision and if any of you are curious I encourage you to check it out. Flirt with it a little.

I'd like to share two vegan blogs with you that I love. Both are sources for fabulous recipes and fresh viewpoints on ways to eat a little more healthy. You'll be so surprised at how much delicious food vegans can eat.

Here's to health and happiness!


BECKY said...

Hi Shelley! Love this post! I was a raw vegan for a period of time, and will be mostly vegan from here on out! I feel so much better away from grains and sugar, and downing fresh carrot juice. A couple of my daughters feel the same way, but my hubby is a meatatarian, too! I do enjoy meat, but know it isn't good for me. Definitely not fun making two different meals, but having a variety of recipes will surely help!
Thanks for sharing these! Can't wait to check them out! And I'm 5'3, too and looking forward to being in the 120's again soon! :o)

Lauri Evans said...

I admire you for your choices Shell. You are right about eating right making you feel better. I find that it's the southern way of clean your plate that gets me. But I'm trying!!!! I think I weighed 126 when I was 9.....

T's Daily Treasures said...

6 years ago, I cleaned up my act, started working out and lost 25 lbs. I decided I wanted to fit and forty not fat and forty. I made the choice to become vegetarian two years ago. I'm 45 and my husband thinks it is the hormones playing havoc. Ha! I've never been much of a meat eater so it wasn't hard to give it up. There was something inside of me that just said it wasn't right for me. I can't even imagine chewing meat now and I don't often cook it. I love beans and make lots of soups and salads. My family will eat what I make. Ever so often I will make something with meat for them, but if they really want it, they go out to eat. :) I've thought about going vegan but it would be extremely difficult in this country as the choices for alternatives are so few. I find it funny that when folks find out you don't eat meat, they want to know what do you eat? Ha! I always tell them there's more fruits and veges in the world than there are meat products. I will definitely be checking out the blogs you mention. Have a great week! Tammy

Deb said...

Thanks for this post. I am really interested and am a vegetarian presently. I really would love to be vegan. Hmmmmmm

One Shabby Old House said...

Slowly but surely I will be making the change. It does make you feel so much better. Thanks for sharing some good blogs. It is always good to see whats for dinner in a vegan house. Do share some good recipes.

Carole said...

Yes being a vegetarian is hard but a vegan harder. I would love to do it but I love dairy. Hubby loves vegetarian food and even eats tofu now which he wasn't even willing to try years ago. He does love his meat but only has it when we're out.
I wish so much we had a great vegetarian restaurant near us ....I think it would do great!

Thanks for the links


Imperfections said...

Hey there Shelley. Hello my name is Ann and I am a veggie lover. I can't say I'm vegan because I do still eat sushi but I do not eat beef, chicken, pork, veal , deer.... or anything else with legs. I do not eat any dairy either. I miss cheese too but have you tried Daiya? It's so good you won't believe it's not cheese. My husband is also veggie and we try to get our kids to eat like we do but what they eat outside the home is their choice. My choice to go primarily vegan was health motivated. Have you read The China Study? Dairy is SO BAD for you. All our health problem have completely vanished since changing our diet. Thanks for coming out, there may not be many of us but we our there.

d. reyné said...

you go girl!
I have seriously looked into this after I once asked you a few questions. I am still considering it!
I don't feel as good as I used too and have read that this "way of life"
would make a difference. Truthfully, even my doctor recommended I look further into it!
Thank you for the links...I am on my way!
Have an amazing rest of the week!

sweetpea said...

yes! daiya vegan cheese is yummy!



Anonymous said...

oh my goodness --Elaine Powers --- I did it ---- went everyday for several yeras --swore by it --after I lost 20 pounds through the old fashioned weight watchers.

No thanks to vegan --- I lost 15 pounds this past year --just no chips, snacks candy ---- I also feel so much better ---- I know how to eat -- just need to focus on it

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