Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Four weeks from today we will be on our way to...


It's official!

You can't know how much we look forward to this experience. The comraderie, the fun, the creative overload... It's why we work so hard for six months to bring the best that we can find to offer to our customers, many of whom have become friends for life.

I'm taking a trip down memory lane past vignettes from our Spring and Fall 2010 booths.



cityfarmer said...

this is actually painful to watch ... in a good/bad way

you pickin' up what I'm layn' down?

The Red Door Antiques said...

This count down is kill'n me! I am soooo not ready. Just did a show this past weekend, and now I am even more NOT ready. It's a double edge sword. Glad to sell, but hate it at the same time. I'm spending the next 4 weeks shop'n. Loved the photos!
Tell Rex HEY!

High Street Cottage said...

Shelly, I love your vignettes! I think this is one of your many talents, but it truly is a skill for you. Thank you for all the inspiration, my dear, hope you have a wonderful weekend, it's nearly here anyway, xoxo tami

Faded Charm said...

Thanks for the eye candy and I hope you have great sales this year.

I saw your last post and had actually thought about doing something similar this Summer. I wish we could go to each others...too bad we are on opposite sides of the US:(


Jeanine Burkhardt said...

Soooo enjoyed your pics Shelly!!! Can't wait to get a "Sneak-Peek" of this season's displays/finds...
Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

trash talk said...

The best part of the show is getting to be with "family" I only see twice a year! Miss you!!!

Carol said...

Simply beautiful. My daughters and I are counting the days as well.



Vicki said...

Loving these pics. The red mums with all the white is stunning.

June said...

And these images are the very reason I can't wait for the show and when you post more of these beautiful photos for me to drool over and wish I could have been there!!!
It won't be long now my friend!
hugs to you

Made In The South said...

AWW...I've gotten to go the last two shows with my sister. We have the best time!
Sorry to say we will not be able to make this years spring show.
Hope you have a great one. Please share lots of pictures for those of us who won't make it.

Refunked Junk said...

Love your treasures. Thanks for the welcome. In all my spare time, I teach pk-1st grade students
With autism.

One Shabby Old House said...

So next year do you want some help loading and unloading the truck. I pack light. lol
What fun. I do hope that one day I get to the market.
It is on my bucket list for sure.

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Oh Shell, I love seeing your little montage of booths gone by. It's hard to believe I've never seen one in the flesh. I'm trying real hard to make it this time, it's a bad time here in TX tho. Sick kids, just terrible. I might surprise you tho. Love the beat up child's slipper & those alarm clocks. You have the BEST stuff girl! I know you'll be a smash, can't wait to hear about the fun.

Rachel Noelle said...

I just LOVE your vignettes!! Wonderful shabby pieces!! Wish I could be there! Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

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