Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here's hoping that your Thanksgiving was a time of gratitude and family togetherness. The leftover's are dwindling here and we have begun with the adornment of white lights (natch) and grapevine deer grazing in our front garden.

I had intended to have the trees up today, but a weird injury has sidelined me... Don't ask me how, but on Friday I was lying on my stomach on the floor with my granddaughter while coloring and I twisted to the left to reach for something when I felt and heard a "pop" along my left rib cage. I'm positive it's soft tissue and a sprain but all the same it hurts like hell and has gotten worse over the last two days. So hauling trees around and getting tubs of ornaments down is on hold.

In the meantime, I want to share a redo of the guest room with you that was inspired by a cute little dresser that was given to me by my mom. It belonged to my great~grandma and has been living in Indiana with a family friend who bought it at the sale they had years back. Mom decided she wanted me to have it and bought it back from her friend and they were nice enough to bring it to me on their last visit. It was stained brown so of course it needed a facelift, but the glass knobs are original.

The room is in reverse of it's previous arrangement and this set up makes it look much larger and works so much better. Isn't it funny how you just know when you finally get it right?

The first pic is of course the dresser. Please enjoy the tour and I'll be back soon with Christmas decor pics...


trash talk said...

Are you sure you didn't pop a rib out of place? I have a friend who has a problem with that.
The room is just beautiful and I love the family piece.
P.S. You take care of yourself! Coloring is hard on us older is laying down on the floor!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi there!
I love your reminds me of one that belonged to my great grandmother and is up at the lake. Your room is charming! I hope that you are feeling better soon...looking forward to your beautiful decorations this season. Don't overdo now!
Take care,

Amy said...

The room is beautiful
sorry to hear about your accident hope for a fast recovery for ya!
So funny that hutch you have in there is very similar I let a friend borrow and kinda looking forward to getting it back one day way down the road too.
Enjoy your family and fun

Polly said...

Hope you are feeling better and on the mend soon! Those everyday movement injuries are the worst because they come out of nowhere!! I'm sorry you're hurting so bad!

The room looks amazing! I just love all your details....that tin mirror is awesome!!

Take care,


Heidi said...

What a pretty and peaceful looking guest room! You must have a hard time getting your guests to leave! Looking forward to seeing your holiday decor. I have been contemplating getting mine out as well, but have been trying to catch my breath from Thanksgiving.

lindamarcov said...

Hope you are feeling better... ouch!the room looks so pretty! but then that is to be expected with your talent.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oh your room is beautiful!
My girlfriend has the same problem with her rib area. She has had it xrayed and it is arthritis. It really can be painful. You may want to get something for it from the took her a while for it to clear up. Hopefully yours will be better soon!

Sandi (Meme) said...

Hope you get better soon, and love the dresser! It looks like it was meant to be. What color are the walls in that room? They look delicious! Have a great week. Sandi

north pal said...

that is one sweet little chest and so great it was in the family. love that couch type piece as well. geepers,not good with your ankle. seems there a few people recently that have hurt themselves and have to be slowed up for decorating. take care of you. Bestest,Denise

sweetpea said...

hi sandi! the color is a very warm chocolate brown, looks lighter in the pics. it is a ralph pauren color but couldn't tell you the name as it was painted many moons ago.



Hayley said...

I love all of it! What a pretty room with so many great items. I wish I had more pieces that belonged to my family members...most of my stuff has a flea market pedigree instead. :) Hope you're feeling better soon.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Shelley,
So sorry to hear about your injury...things work a little differently at our age! Love your room...the dresser is perfect! Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
Sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. I hope you feel better soon.
I just love your guest bedroom! You are so good at creating beautiful vignettes! I love that wall of vintage mirrors... gorgeous! What a great dresser! It has such beautiful lines, and I love the glass knobs. It's so funny how our tastes are so similar. I have that black clock in my bedroom, too. It doesn't work so well anymore though, so I need to replace it. And there's that armoire from Pottery Barn. It actually looks great in the room!
Can't wait to see all of your Christmas decoration, but take it easy, so you can heal up first. :)

Tarnished and Tattered said...

I was thinking the same thing as Debbie. Popped rib. Go get an xray!
Now as for that room. LOVE it! Now I know where I can stay when I come to FL.! LOL Can't wait to see the Christmas decor. Lisa

julie miller said...

Hope you're on the mend soon and can get to your decorating! Love your little dresser and those clock faces hanging from the chains!! My daughter has a dresser from my mother-in-law and I'm so glad it's staying in the family! Take care of yourself! Julie

lisaroyhandbags said...

gosh I hope you're feeling better soon! I just got our tree up tonight and those pre-lit 9' trees weigh a ton! so if yours in anything like mine, you'd better rest up before tackling that job.
love the dresser - the whole room is so charming :)

Pam said...

Your pictures look great. You'd better take care of yourself. Nothing like aches and pains! Tell Mr. Sweet Pea we said hello!

Chrissy said...

You poor thing you,feel better!! Now about this post....OH MY GOSH it is stunning...every detail is just so perfect I love it!!!! x0

A Cottage Muse said...

Check yourself into that beautiful guest room and get some rest!

Hope you feel better soon!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Your guest room is so pretty. Love all the mirrors you've shown us. Hope you feel better soon!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love this room with the special dresser, Shelley. p.s. hope you're feeling much better now

Rita said...

That is the perfect guest room! An inviting and beautiful bed, a comfy chair, some wonderful things to look at displayed on the walls and of course, your family heirloom dresser!
Hope you are feeling better!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Love your bed, Shel!!! So vintagey! I think that you should be IN it healing!! lol! Hope you're back on your feet soon! :)

xoxo laurie

Rebecca said...

Tuff to get old isn't Shell... I reached over to buckle my grandson's seat belt and my back snapped and spasms started so badly I couldn't straighten up... me bent over in the driveway and my grandson stuck in the seat, luckily I had my phone to call for help... how humiliating!
I hear your pain.
Your pictures are lovely and I love the little chest. also the wall of mirrors...

Lila said...

That's a great wall color! I just named you one of my "Stylish Bloggers!"
Lila Ferraro

Carolyn said...

Hi Shell,
I hope you are okay and haven't broken a rib, they generally get worse after a few days....anyway I love your blog!


Miss Gracie's House said... it...esp the arrangement above the great that you now have that's a great piece to work around!
have a wonderful season of celebration!

Anonymous said...

I just toured your lovely home at Cottage of the Month and I adore your sense of design, It totally reflects everthing I too love. I am inspired by you!!. I can't wait to view your blog!!!

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