Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I Love~~Part Two

Well I guess you could say I've never met an architectural piece I didn't love. I have corbels, fragments, finials, columns, balusters, you name it and I've probably got at least one. Here is (no kidding) a sample:

A fabulous old eyebrow window and pair of old, old, old plaster and wood capitals.

A great old exterior window frame that is now on my front porch.

View of the front entry where I have the old window framework and a piece of old house trim.

Great old header from an 1800's house now in my garden cottage.

Old trellis with a fab star detail.

More old porch trim now in my interior entry.

A great old mirror frame that we used to frame old ceiling tin.

Decorative iron stove pipe ring.

Spectacular old zinc finial.

Close-up of old plaster and wood capital.

My all-time favorite pair of old corbels.

Old porch baluster turned candle stick. Rests on my hearth next to an old hoe shield.

Old finial.

Great old peely corbel.

Old header over the door in my kitchen.

One of my favs--old barn louver now on the wall in my bedroom.

Great pair of old finials--now bookends for some of my old books.

One of my favorite columns.

One of a pair of awesome old corbels.

A beautiful old plinth block. Love the flower carving.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

We are kindred spirits; you like everything I do!! Great post!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing all your old house parts! I think I found you through garden antqs vintage. I love all the same things too! My husband gave me two old porch columns for MD! Great blog!!!

Patti in Texas!

The Plum Tree said...

Okay, if you see a strange woman sneaking through your yard at night with a screw gun just ignore me, I mean her. These are all have to have so if you ever decide...well you know.

Cathy Louise said...

Your blog is just gorgeous...Good luck with all your new adventures and I am sure whatever you do it will be wonderful... These architectural features are amazing and it gives me an idea for a dark hallway of mine...thanks for the inspiration....Love Cathy xxxx

kristinco said...

Tout est merveilleux ! Un lieu d'inspiration qui me s├ęduit !

Robolady said...

Those are some great pieces. I love the architectural stuff too, but I don't have as much as you do.

Prairie Home-Sherry said...

Love them all!!!!Great pieces!
I don't think I got your e-mail...sometimes they dont come through...go figure!
What do you want to know?

Meme said...

I love your blog! I just come across it...It nice to be here! meme friom Screaming meme's....

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